Mary Jo Baarsch
Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Baarsch has spent 12 years serving the animal health industry in various capacities.

After completing her PhD in Veterinary Microbiology at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Baarsch worked with SmithKline Beecham Animal Health, followed by Pfizer Animal Health to commercialize veterinary vaccines.

As a Research and Development scientist, Dr. Baarsch led the development of some of the first assays to measure acute phase proteins in livestock to evaluate severity of disease and vaccine efficacy. She also was a key inventor and drafted a patent for a novel vaccine technology. Before leaving Pfizer, Dr. Baarsch helped establish a new Licensing Group and was directly responsible for the in-licensing of several proprietary technologies.

After several years of experience working within large corporations, and completing her MBA in 2000, Dr. Baarsch founded a consulting business to serve a broader spectrum of individuals involved in bringing innovative products to the veterinary community.

Dr. Baarsch provides a wide variety of services to her clients, including strategic planning, market and financial analysis, project management, and business development. Through her extensive network of contacts within animal health, Dr. Baarsch is able to provide expertise in many different facets of veterinary medicine.